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napkin destroyer machine how is a diaper vending machine worth

napkin destroyer machine how is a diaper vending machine worth

12 Alternative, Unusual Vending Machines

  In December 2010, a vending machine dispensing 24-karat gold pieces began operating in a mall in Boca Raton, Florida. Although it’s the first of its kind in the United States, another one is coming to Las Vegas, and others already operate in Japan, Spain, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. So even though gold may seem like an unusual candidate for the vending machine, it’s not a new concept. Meanwhile, there are other products that have found their way into the world’s vending machines that runPhoto: Eri Morita | Stone | Getty ImagesIn Japan, vending machines are everywhere. It’s not uncommon to see a dozen lined up in a row where a store once stood, and in some cases they serve consumers more effectively than a store ever could. After all, when you’re caught in a rainstorm and all the stores are closed, finding a machine that sells umbrellas is very convenient indeed. It’s also true that Japanese vending machines also dispense commodities for which the need is often less urgent, such as neckties, iPods and, in at least onePhoto: Japan GuidebookAfter dancing all night in five-inch heels, even the most dedicated party girl will have to concede that the pain in her feet is almost crippling. However, what is the gal in the Blahniks to do when the club is closed and so are all the shoe stores? In the past, the answer was “suffer.” However, women now have the opportunity to purchase Rollasole ballet flats from vending machines outside of multiple London night spots, bringing her instant comfort and relief. The shoes cost 7 British Pounds, aPhoto: RollasolesNo matter how conscientious a parent you are, someday you’ll forget to bring something essential with you that your baby needs, like milk or a sippy cup, or even diapers. The Diaper Bag Basics vending machine at St. Paul, Minnesota’s Maplewood Mall addresses this eventuality, stocking every baby care essential one could possibly need, including bottles, wipes and, yes, diapers. Owners Stephanie Hughes and Jennifer Boog, both stay-at-home moms, came up with the idea after forgetting to pack thingPhoto: Diaperbagbasics.comA vending machine that dispenses beverages may seem very ordinary, but this one actually selects your drink for you. The JR East Water Business Company has invented a vending machine that uses facial recognition software to determine a customer’s age and sex, and make recommendations based on the information. So when the machine detects a 35-year-old male, it will recommend a highly caffeinated energy drink, while recommending green tea to a woman in her fifties. The machine also recommends diffPhoto: JR East Water Business Company Selling eggs in a vending machine is an idea that most would consider impossible. After all, wouldn’t the eggs shatter after being dropped from the rotating spindle? Well, the Japanese found a way to pack and dispense the eggs to protect them from that kind of damage, and photos of the machines they used started making the rounds on the Internet. In 2010, Tom O’Brien, an Irish farmer, developed a vending machine of his own to sell his free-range eggs. Sales exceeded his expectations, mostly thanPhoto: Josh BerglundInstyMeds manufactures a vending machine that dispenses prescription medications. The company already has machines in emergency room entrances in 37 states, and in December 2010, the company rolled out the first in Wyoming, at West Park Hospital in Cody. The machine provides both convenience and peace of mind for patients, caregivers and anybody else who can’t wait until the pharmacy opens tomorrow morning. Patients wishing to use the machine are given an authorization number by the physician, wPhoto: FacebookThe Dutch company Springtime won the 2007 Spark Design & Architecture Awards for the Bike Dispenser, a vending machine that does exactly what its name says. For the same amount of money as a bus ride, users can rent a bicycle and ride it to any destination, then drop it off at another vending machine, just like a rental car. However, unlike a car, the bike generates no pollution and consumes no energy. The rental stand is comparable in size to an ordinary vending machine that dispenses drinks orPhoto: Bikedispenser.comWhen people think of food sold in vending machines, they mostly think of pre-wrapped snacks like potato chips, cookies and popcorn. However, in 2007, Wonder Pizza USA set out to change that by introducing a vending machine that prepared and served a nine-inch pizza inside of two minutes, with three different varieties to choose from, all for the low price of five dollars. The technology used to create the vending machine was realized at a cost of millions of dollars, in a process that consumed fPhoto: Wonder Pizza USAEven the most avid sportsman is not above the occasional lapse in memory, and just such a lapse will cause the fishing enthusiast to forget his chum bucket at home from time to time. Fortunately, you can now get live bait out of a vending machine at any time of day or night, leaving you more time to enjoy the rod and reel. Owners of live bait vending machines have reported that the units require constant upkeep, which is unsurprising considering all the minnows, leeches and grubs that have to bePhoto: Oddee.comMost American hotels have vending machines, and the famously upscale Mondrian South Beach in Miami is no exception. However, rather than stocking Fritos and Tic Tacs, they sell Corvettes and gowns by Jean Paul Gaultier. You can still get the standard items at the concession, since even the most urbane traveler will need to replace a toothbrush every now and then. However, those are found right alongside the 24-karat gold handcuffs. In an interview with The Daily Mail, front office manager JamesPhoto: medesignmag.com The Japanese sell live lobsters out of sidewalk vending machines. Not to be outdone, the Chinese now boast a vending machine in the city of Nanjing that dispenses Shanghai Hairy Crabs. The machine stores the hapless beasts in a refrigeration unit that keeps them at a temperature of 41 degrees fahrenheit, the temperature at which the crab enters a state of hibernation. The crabs are sold at prices ranging from $1 to $7, and the operator has posted a sign on the machine stating that in the unlikelPhoto: JapanProbe.comMedical marijuana became law in California in 1996. Physicians recommended it for pain associated with such conditions as cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis, and by the time a decade had passed, there were more than 2,000 dispensaries, co-ops and clinics across the state. In 2008, the first medical marijuana vending machine went into operation in a Los Angeles pot dispensary, offering a new avenue for patients to get their 'wacky tobaccky.' The machine was invented and patented by dispensary ownPhoto: Seaweb

8 Of The Most Clever Vending Machines And Why They’re Strategic

  More and more, companies are making vending machines an important part of their product distribution strategies.  Vending machines enable products to sell in more locations at a lower cost than in traditional retail shops since the real estate expense is usually lower, and other than restocking the machines, labor costs are non-existent.  In most cases, there’s no competitive clutter around the machines and the products are the only ones in their category at that spot. There’s also strong advertising value because vending machines can be uniquely branded.  In many vending locations, the products are more likely to get noticed than when hidden inside shops. What follows are 8 of the cleverest vending machines I’ve seen, and why I think they’re strategic.

  1)   Benefit Cosmetics has a strategy of placing fun pink vending machines in airports around the world. Their products stand out more than if hidden in an airport shop amid the competitive clutter of other duty free cosmetics; The trademark bright pink color, unusual in a vending machine, attracts attention; Women who are waiting for planes and have time to kill, are more likely to look at the full range of offerings, increasing awareness of the total product line; These vending machines solve a problem for women who may have forgotten or run out of certain make-up items, and as a result, non-Benefit users as well may try their products.

  2)   Sprinkles vending machines for cupcakes, which the company cleverly named the “Cupcake ATM,” is a great idea. They enable consumers to enjoy fresh cupcakes at any hour of the night. The “ATMs” would be great on college campuses or any spot where people are likely to be up late. The lower cost vs. retail outlets, means Sprinkles can more affordably extend distribution to more locations, including places like office buildings that may not have as much traffic as central city street shops.

  3)   PharmaShop24 vending machines in Milan, Italy, a city where 24-hour convenience stores are practically non-existent, fulfills a need for consumers who might run out of diapers, condoms, or headache medicine after all the other outlets have closed. Sales increase as well as brand loyalty, since the pharmacy is helping consumers in need.

  4)   This M&M’s vending machine in a Milan, Italy train station is a fun reminder of the brand. If a consumer is in the mood for a snack, the brand stands out. For kids who love the characters, the vending machine is very appealing.  It reinforces M&M’s happy, fun, celebratory brand personality.

  5)   Quiksilver has vending machines in Standard Hotels near the outdoor pools that sell board shorts, bikinis, and sunglasses. It’s smart because the crowd that stays at the Standard are the type of key influencers Quiksilver wants to reach. Placement in such a trendy hotel, imparts trendiness to the brand. Besides solving a problem for those that forgot to bring those items, the vending machines are viewed as novel and buzz worthy because most of the visitors have never seen a bikini vending machine before.


’s FreeStyle vending machine enables users to combine Coke’s portfolio of beverages in the ratios they like, with over 100 combination options.  It addresses the consumer customization trend and encourages experimentation and creativity. The machines also increase the likelihood of more frequent purchases, as consumers will want to come back to try different beverage combinations and proportions, and no doubt they’ll share their favorite beverage creations virally for others to try.

  7)   Fresh Direct delivers prepared meals that only need to be microwaved, to university cafeterias and offices, utilizing of Fresh Direct’s delivery system.  The sales are almost 100% incremental to the core home delivery business, and branding in offices serves as a reminder for workers to order Fresh Direct for home delivery.


’s vending machines are placed in strategic locations like airports and high-end hotels. Even if consumers don’t buy any products while looking at them in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel or waiting for a plane, because consumers can examine the offerings for several minutes with little else to compete for their attention, it just might plant the seed for a future purchase.

  Like the proliferation of food trucks which enable entrepreneurs to reach customers in a less expensive way than traditional brick and mortar restaurants, vending machines are a more flexible and lower cost option than traditional retail. The plus vs. online selling is that vending machines encourage impulse purchase to satisfy an immediate need and also increase contextually appropriate brand awareness.  It’s a channel worth further consideration for firms beyond what’s historically been customary.

Oldies get adult diaper vending machine

  Gurvinder Singh

  Tribune News Service

  Ludhiana, October 1

  An automatic adult diaper vending machine was handed over to the senior citizens by Deputy Commissioner Ravi Bhagat during a function held to celebrate Senior Citizens’ Day today.

  The machine was installed at Senior Citizen’s Home later. This is the first of its kind initiative by the district administration in the country. Deputy Commissioner said: “Adult diapers are needed by senior citizens in old age. Not just senior citizens, these are useful in medical conditions such as paralysis, coma, backbone injury and for the elderly people who cannot get out of bed. If need be, more of these would be set up in the district.”

  He said these were especially sourced from Bengaluru as it is not being made in the North. The cost of the diaper, which generally is above Rs 300, has been brought down to just Rs 40, he said.

  Senior citizens lauded the initiative and said adult diapers were needed in old age, but lack of availability and high cost were keeping these out of their reach. While hailing the initiative, they said more machines must be installed in the district.

napkin destroyer machine how is a diaper vending machine worth